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Add-Ons For Tally.ERP9:

Do More with Tally

Tally is designed to meet your specific business requirements through a host of extensions and integrations, built by thousands of developers .

Tally – As a Development Platform

Tally is not only an application, but also a complete development environment which enables the programmers to build extensions, customizations and integrations using Tally Definition Language (TDL). TDL allows programmers to build a faster application without compromising on Speed, Reliability or data Integrity, which is core to Tally.


Looking for feature or functionality to meet your unique business requirement? Build it for your business in a way you want. Tally Definition Language (TDL) provides complete flexibility and power to customise the solutions for complex business requirements with ‘Power of simplicity’.

Doric Multimedia Pvt.Ltd is Trained and Certified to build new capabilities and functionalities to meet your business requirements. Talk to us today .

Tally Add-Ons / Modules

Tally Add-ons are for specific kind of businesses or industries seeking to generate specific kind of invoices and generating reports relating to their business categories, which allows them to get reports which shows them the perfect position of their organization.

Some of these modules are mentioned below :

Auto Mobile Industry Module

This module has been specially customized for automobile industry who need to mention engine number and chasis number in invoice and need to generate reports of vehicle mentioning the engine number ,chasis number or even colorsof the vehicle . Also in this module the customer gets the option to print Form 20 & 21 through which they would be able to complete the registration procedure of the vehicle . This module helps in reducing human errors while filling vehicle details in the invoice by auto selection feature of vehicle specifications , allowing them to generate invoices at a faster speed .

Benefits Of Automobile Industry Module :

  • Improves operational Efficiency.
  • Improves Inventory Control .
  • Simplifying Tracking .
  • Time Saving
  • Eliminates Data Entry Errors
  • Mention Details of vehicle on invoice ( Engine number , Chasis number , keys number , color )
  • Generate Sale certificate & Form 21 from Tally .

Brokerage Module

Brokerage module is basically customized for those businesses which allow their employees or sales persons to get incentives on the basis of work done by them , through this module the owners can get a complete report that which worker has done what amount of sale in a particular period and calculate incentives on the basis of those reports.

This module is basically used by those businesses which provides incentives to their sales persons on the basis of total amount of sales done by them in a particular period , Also we can define the method of brokerage calculation ie on voucher amount , on item amount , percentage of item value , on item quantity .

Benefits of Brokerage Module :

  • Improves Operational Efficiency
  • Auto brokerage calculation
  • Brokerage Reports
  • Time saving
  • Simplified tracking of brokerage calculation
  • Various methods of brokerage calculation
  • Brokerage can also be defined on Purchase, Sale, Both purchase & sale .

Petrol Pump Module

Mostly Petrol Pumps records their accounting operations as manually on registers. Some of themalso maintain excel. Manual accounting leads to several problems like time consuming , human error , no previous backup records ,quick search not available , have to maintain many registers to maintain the records for years .

Thus to eliminate maximum of the human errors we have customized petrol pump module in Tally through which the user gets the option to record day to day meter readings which are recorded nozzle wise . In tally the owner gets the option to fill day to day rates of fuel , and also gets the access to endless reports which are desired by any filling station owners .

Reports In Petrol Pump Module :

  • Daily Meter Readings Reports
  • Sales Made In Cash & Credit Through Challan
  • Daily Sale Report ( Product History )
  • Employee Wise Sales Report
  • Nozzle Wise Sales Report
  • Shifts Wise Sales Report
  • Vehicle Wise Sales Report

Benefits Of Petrol Pump Module :

  • Eliminates Manual Errors
  • Improves Operational Efficiency
  • Time Saving
  • Endless Reports As Desired By Owner
  • Quick Reports Of Credit Of Parties are available as compared to manual accounting .
  • No need to maintain registers for accounting
  • Can record and store any number of years of data in tally .

Transport Module In Tally

At present all the businesses use Pvt transports to send their goods from one place to another , or transport is even also used by us in daily life to send our belongings from one place to another . But whenever a businessman sends his goods to another dealer he uses pvt transport companies to send those valueables . Thus to record these the transporter now a days writes it on a bilty on which he writes the address of the receiving party and the item which he is going to carry with him .

Now whenever the transporter wants to maintain a proper record of all the bilty’s which he has recorded , the details of his vehicles including its drivers name , engine number &chasis number , he would have to maintain it on separate registers . A transporter may face many problems in finding a particular record if required at any point of time .

So to reduce the manual errors and improve efficiency in working we have customized transport module in tally , through which the transporter will be able to record GR entry , enter dispatch challans , enter freight memo & enter a consolidate sales voucher in which he will record all the delivery done of a particular party in a particular period in the same voucher .

Reports Available For Transporters In This Module :

  • Pending GR Invoice Report
  • Vehicle Loading Report
  • Report For Un-Used Transactions
  • GR Entry Register
  • Challan Register
  • Freight Memo Register
  • Un-paid freight memo register
  • Gr without challan report
  • Challan without freight Memo

Benefits Of Transport Module:

  • Faster Reporting
  • Time saving Process of Recording Entries
  • Can store any number of years of data
  • Endless reports as desired by the owner
Some other Customizations made for our value-able customers :

Auto E-mail

Through this module a tally user is enabled to send direct mails from tally to its clients , this feature is also available in tally by default , but we always need to click on E-Mail button on the control panel and then we have to configure our mail id through which we have to send the mail . But through this module we can directly send emails to our clients of every voucher entered .Every time when a voucher is saved in tally this module will always email the voucher to the client ( If his mail id is mentioned in the contact details of the company ) .

Power Pack

This module helps customer in getting access to some of the features which are currently not available in tally but desired by most of them . so we have created a customized module called as power pack in which there are some features which can be enabled by the customer if needed . Features like Auto backup , Set system date as current date , New invoice format , Address Book ,Print previous balance of party on invoice , HSN & GST % column in voucher , Running Balance in Voucher , Recycle bin and many other features which can be used by a tally user for better tally optimization.


Through this module a tally user gets the option to send a sms to its clients whenever he enters any entry in tally whether it could be of receipt , payment , sale , purchase . A automated sms mentioning the name of the client and the total amount of voucher including the date of voucher will be send to the client through sms . This module is mostly used by those organizations who want to send a confirmation message to their suppliers or clients .

2 Bank Details

Through this module a tally user gets the option to mention 2 bank details on the invoice . Many times a seller wants to mention his 2 bank details on the invoice issued to his buyer so that buyer can make payment in an easier way , which is why we have customized this solution in tally .

Barcode Module

Through this module a tally user gets a additional feature to print barcodes from tally . In tally we can only scan barcodes in the Alias section and printing of barcodes is not available in tally by default , So some of our customers raised the requirement for this module as most of the items which they sell in retail stores does not come with barcode , Which is why they want to print barcodes separately for those items and scan those while selling them.

This module increases the speed of the user while entering any sale or purchase voucher and eliminates most of the errors as the user doesn’t need to select the name of the product manually , selection of the product is automatically by scanning the bar code only .

Auto E-way Bill

Whenever we want to sell our goods to a person residing at a distant place and the value of goods are more then 50000 Rs we have to generate a e-way bill for that invoice so as to send these goods to the customer . Currently we get the option to export a Json file from tally after saving a sales invoice and filling the e-way details . Then we need to upload that file on e-way portal and generate the e-way bill . To eliminate this time consuming process we have customized this solution in tally , through which the user can now generate a e-way bill automatically through tally only after saving the voucher .

Digital Signature

In this module we have added a option to generate digitally signed invoice from tally . In this era when every thing is getting computerized the customer always wants to eliminate all the time consuming process , Suppose in an industry where a person has to generate hundreds of invoices daily , it becomes really difficult for them to sign all the invoices . So this module is absolutely beneficial for them as they need not sign all the invoices now and saves a lot of time .

Amazon / Flipkart Sale Import

At this time most of the businesses work through e-commerce platforms . E-commerce platforms play a vital role in todays businesses as most of the sales or services done are through virtually . These platforms offer various kind of reports to its sellers in excel format .

It becomes really very difficult for the sellers to record those invoices one by one manually in their software . which is why to ease the working of sellers we have created a excel to tally import utility through which they will be able to direct import their entire sale from any particular website to tally . Not only amazon or flipkart any kind of vouchers or masters can be imported into tally through excel sheet with the help of this utility .

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