Tally Xcelerator
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Tally Xcelerator

Tally Xcelerator

We are appointed as a Tally Xcelerator by Tally India Pvt.Ltd. in Punjab, Himachal and J&K. As a Tally Xcelerator we offer consultancy services to small & medium businesses and partner with an aim to empower SMEs and facilitate their growth. It is a big opportunity for us to serve all SMES & MSME, tally partner for skill training, business consultancy, finance handle and Information technology services. More than 52 partners are associated with us.

Improved Security:

First, TallyXcelerator identifies entrepreneurs. The program understands the needs and requirements of their businesses. It provides mentors and coaching services

The main target of training is to build confidence in the owners by showing them how the business development strategies work.

It guides them with matters related to finance and also introduce mutually beneficial links.

The program installs long-term support systems to facilitate the growth of SMEs.

Through the TallyXcelerator program, our aim is to upscale the macro aspects of businesses which will eventually contribute towards the development of the country’s economy.

How Does It Work?

Tally appointed partners – TallyXcelerator offer business advisory services by playing the role of a coach, mentor and trainer to Tally’s partners and small businesses.

Under the program, Tally-Partners extend advisory services to businesses at a nominal cost.

Advisory services include mentoring and coaching, easy access to finance, improve the organizational culture, and adopt industry best practices

Basic services include resource management, training, assessments, etc.

The program aims to help SMEs realize their trade and investment opportunities and challenge the domestic and global market.


ThroughTallyXcelerator, Tally wants to promote overall SME development in the nation by promoting entrepreneurship, fostering individual entrepreneurial capabilities, building institutional capacity, and encourage employment creating investment.

Tally equips its partners to act as pillars of guidance and support to develop SME community in the country. Contributing to the development of a dynamic private sector and entrepreneurial culture within. It energizes the private sector and improves business environment.

Our Services as TX

We, at Doric Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., are able to deliver high quality business consultancy solutions to our clients. With significant experience across our disciplines, you can be assured of working with the best qualified, most passionate and skilled consultants to deliver innovative outputs

Support the Partners

Taking Assessments

Provide Skills and Product Trainings to resources

Provide Advisories for their Business Growth

Monthly Reviews of Partners of their Business activities

Build Your Own Business

On Job Trainings

Resource Hiring

Build Your Own Business

After aligning partners the most essential step is to enable the partner on tally portal so that he will be able to use all the features and get leads from TSPL and do customer engagements in better & effective way

Being TX We are also responsible for aligning new partners in the J&K , Himachal Pradesh & Punjab , As per the raising requirements of customers to install tally in their organization the company has aligned different partners in these states to meet the requirements of customers through CP’s with the help of TX

Monthly Reviews of Partners of their Business activities

After aligning the organization as partner with Tally Solutions and guide them about the process, to maintain the portal, partner requires to know several business related activities such as Digitally promotions on different channels, generating leads provide demos. On this regular tasks partners needs the help from experience ones. As TX we guide them on every tasks so that they can smoothly runs their activities.

TX guides the partner to follow the company norms to sustain their certification

TX along with concern BM also guides partner to meet their targets.

Provide Advisories for their Business Growth

As TX we are focusing on partners development, and for this purpose we provide internal and external advisories to partners to grow in their business. Some of the examples are for enabling partners on different Digital Platforms , we meet partners along with experts of the concerned fields and discuss with partner to enable them on these fields .

In this Covid 19 crisis as the responsible TX we provide advisories to our partners and enable them on virtual environment so that they can run their business and meet the future goals.

Resource Hiring

In case the partner doesn’t have enough capable resources to do sales or provide services to customers, TX is also responsible for hiring of resources for partner’s organization. Hiring is also done through TAP’s, consultants and any educational institutes.

Provide Skills and Product Trainings to Resources

After the resources have been successfully hired at the partner’s organization , TX is also responsible for conducting induction , and training the resources regarding the product , marketing skills , communication skills ,so that they can handle customers in a better way.

On Job Trainings

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