Why BCA?

BCA stands for Bachelor in Computer Application. It is one of the stepping stones for people who aspire to make a career in the IT field. With a BCA degree, a candidate can prepare for a multi-faceted career which is lucrative financially as well. It is an affordable education option that opens an avenue for global career options. You can get paid internships in top IT companies and benefit from excellent networking opportunities. BCA professionals fetch handsome packages as well.

Our Objectives

The aim of our well-designed BCA course is to prepare the students for a promising career in the software industry along with developing understanding and skills related to the use of computers and applications.


We aspire to offer quality computer education to students to boost their logical computing and programming skills. With the three-year course, students can pave the way for a lucrative career in IT and Computer Applications. 

Course Code


Course Duration

BCA is a 3-year course, with a maximum limit of 6 years for completion. 

The programme has been designed generally to in shape the wishes of the students who want to pursue post graduation in Commerce
Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc.IT) is a Program designed to satisfy the desires of the marketplace for knowledge in Information Technology (IT)
This programme is a perfect blend of online learning as well as traditional distance learning programme for gaining basic computer skills in application side
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