Why MBA?

MBA is one of the most preferred degree courses owing to the job security it offers. There are higher chances of fetching a handsome salary and witnessing stupendous career growth post MBA. There are top organizations looking forward to recruiting MBAs. The degree also helps in building leadership skills and a professional network. If you are looking forward to pursuing MBA, our university offers a thoroughly designed MBA course which is a perfect amalgamation of the theoretical and practical framework. 


Our Objectives

With our MBA program, we aim to transform aspirants into top leaders and managers. We aim to offer in-depth insight into management and business administration to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Our MBA program is updated with the latest and modern technology, which empowers students. The course offers a wide array of choices for major-minor specialization. Pursuing the 2- year MBA course is just like making an investment in your management skills. 


Course Code




You can choose from any of the following Major-Minor LPU Distance Mba Specializations:

(1)   International Business

(2)   Information Technology

(3)   Finance

(4)   Operations Management

(5)   Marketing

(6)   Retail Management

(7)   Human Resource Management


Course Duration

MBA is a 2-year course, with a maximum limit of 5-years for completion.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is an undergraduate degree in computer application awarded in India after completion of three years course.
The B.A. programme is designed for open and distance learning programmes to help people to develop a dynamic personality for them as this will help them to engage in multiple activities.
This programme prepares students to take up positions as systems analysts, system designers, programmers and managers in any field related to IT
MLIS impart critical thinking and reflexivity about professional practice as managers of libraries and information services and an understanding of research methods and activities of research organizations.
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