MA is one of the commonly chosen degree courses that help enhance your subject knowledge and critical thinking skills. The degree has anexcellent scope as it accelerates career growth and even helps earn a higher salary. 


After completing an MA, one can explore various job opportunities such as a lawyer, digital marketer, journalist, manager, data scientist, insurance executive, tutor, and more. The 2-year course opens a wide array of career opportunities for graduates. 


MA can be pursued in English, Hindi, Mathematics, Economics, Education, Political Science, History, and Sociology. 

Our Objectives

The MA degree course aims to train the students to improve their critical thinking skills and analyze the ideas and propositions for communicating their views. The course enables the candidates to explore job opportunities in India and abroad in various fields such as sociology, arts, humanities, and psychology. The course basically expands knowledge of many relevant fields.

Masters of Art Specialization:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Education
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Mathematics
  • Political Science
  • Economics

Course Duration

MA is a 2 Year course with a course completion limit of 5 years.
MA - English
M.A English highlights the preparation of educators in such a way which encourages autonomous learning and other independent learning strategies that can empower students to adapt the changing and contemporary demands.
MA - Hindi
The aim of M.A Hindi is to upgrade the students’ knowledge in Hindi language and to enable them to use this deep knowledge practically in daily life.
MA - History
History is a chronological record of significant past events often including an explanation of their causes. It is a branch of knowledge that records and explains past events.
MA - Mathematics
Programme aims at providing a comprehensive study of pure and applied Mathematics to develop a critical and analytical approach and students will be equipped with up-to-date knowledge to perform well in academic and research.
MA - Sociology
The course contents focuses on the concepts and theories of sociological, social research methods, social research methods, social stratification and social mobility, rural and urban societies in the contemporary India.
MA -Economics
A master degree in Economics strengthens students’ knowledge of economic theory and improves their skills in applying the theory to economic problems.
MA Education
To excel in teaching, the teacher should possess practical knowledge of the language as well the ability to teach students in an understandable way.
MA Political Science
The objective of Master of Arts in Political Science is to provide the students an advanced level of understanding of political systems, institutions and policies at all levels of government.
MA Punjabi
The program seeks to enhance the understanding of historical, conceptual, critical aspects of Punjabi language, literature, culture and advance professionally, punjabi drama, fiction, criticism, creative writing etc.
This programme is a perfect blend of online learning as well as traditional distance learning programme for gaining basic computer skills in application side
Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc.IT) is a Program designed to satisfy the desires of the marketplace for knowledge in Information Technology (IT)
A student studying business administration will be exposed to all fields of business education that include general education, information systems, business and management education.
B.Sc. IT
10+2 pass candidates from any recognized board are eligible to apply for the course. Students can work in industry as System Analyst, Application Programmer
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