MA sociology distance education in ludhiana

Why MA sociology?

There are several benefits of taking up the ma in sociology course. One can explore a wide array of career opportunities after the completion of the course. You can work as a gerontologist, social worker in an NGO, community worker development, sociology professor, life coach, consultant, social influencer, and social scientist. Sociology is a great choice of major for undergraduate students. There is a wide scope for jobs after the completion of the course. In fact, job prospects are expected to increase in the next decade. 



The Course Aims To Help The Students Understand Social Institutions, Social Issues, And Other Changes. To Help Students Understand The Significance Of How Ethnic, Racial, Gender And Religious Differences Can Impact The Social Structure Or Processes In Human Society. The Course Helps The Students In Acquiring The Skills Which Will Be Of Help To Them In Either The Personal Or Professional Arena. 

Programme Code

(English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 5 Years

MA Political Science
The objective of Master of Arts in Political Science is to provide the students an advanced level of understanding of political systems, institutions and policies at all levels of government.
MA - History
History is a chronological record of significant past events often including an explanation of their causes. It is a branch of knowledge that records and explains past events.
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