BBA Distance Education in Ludhiana


BBA is a popular graduate degree that offers growth prospects to students in the commerce field. After pursuing the BBA degree, the candidates can not only pursue MBA after completion of the BBA but can explore several other opportunities. Even candidates who simply pursue BBA tend to find a job quicker than other bachelor graduates. It is one of the few degrees where students can get high-paying jobs in management and administration. BBA is one of the most sought-after business degrees offered by top institutes. 


Our Objectives

The aim of our specially designed BBA course is to enable the candidates to build a stronger network of professionals with BBA degrees. Our course enables the candidates to start their careers much earlier. Our BBA program helps in developing managerial skills by taking the students through the core area of management such as Strategy management, marketing, sales, economics, and finance. 

Course Code


Course Duration

BBA is a 3-year course with a maximum limit of 6 years for completion. 
MBA program is intended for understudies who try to be business pioneers and managers of future.
To educate the students in the philosophy of librarianship, basic principles, fundamental laws, professional ethics.
This programme prepares students to take up positions as systems analysts, system designers, programmers and managers in any field related to IT
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