MA Education distance education in ludhiana

Why MA Education?

The MA in Education is a popular degree that offers several work opportunities after the completion of the course. MA Education helps in exploring better job opportunities, especially in education-related designations. The course helps in improving teaching skills and offers hands-on experience. Even the income potential is huge after the degree. The course is perfect for students who wish to develop a specialization. After the course, you can explore job opportunities as a secondary school teacher, administrative manager, program manager, research scientist, mathematics teacher, administrative officer, and more. 



The course will enable the candidates to understand and analyze the philosophical framework and its implications on educational practices. It will also develop skills in the students for managing various aspects of career patterns with maturity via vocational, educational, social, and personal guidance. It will enable the students to build a career in different sectors apart from education as well.

Programme Code

(English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 5 Years

MA - English
M.A English highlights the preparation of educators in such a way which encourages autonomous learning and other independent learning strategies that can empower students to adapt the changing and contemporary demands.
MA -Economics
A master degree in Economics strengthens students’ knowledge of economic theory and improves their skills in applying the theory to economic problems.
MA - Hindi
The aim of M.A Hindi is to upgrade the students’ knowledge in Hindi language and to enable them to use this deep knowledge practically in daily life.
MA - History
History is a chronological record of significant past events often including an explanation of their causes. It is a branch of knowledge that records and explains past events.
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