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Why MA History?

The MA history course can help students get employment in diverse sectors such as journalism, tourism, state departments, archaeological survey of India, law, museums, civil services, and much more, where they can work in the capacity of a professor, museum, heritage manager, museum education officer, civil services, etc. Some of the MA history candidates can also pursue a career in media, theatre, teaching, education, hospitality, research, and writing.



The course aims to make the students analyse the events in history. The course offers a bigger picture of history. The main objective of the MA course is to make the candidates analyse as well as comprehend the events that took place in history in an intellectual manner. It enables the students to compare the work of experts along with evaluating the secondary and primary evidence structure. The course is for individuals who are interested in ancient history. 

Programme Code


(English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 4 Years

MA Education
To excel in teaching, the teacher should possess practical knowledge of the language as well the ability to teach students in an understandable way.
MA - Sociology
The course contents focuses on the concepts and theories of sociological, social research methods, social research methods, social stratification and social mobility, rural and urban societies in the contemporary India.
MA Punjabi
The program seeks to enhance the understanding of historical, conceptual, critical aspects of Punjabi language, literature, culture and advance professionally, punjabi drama, fiction, criticism, creative writing etc.
MA - Hindi
The aim of M.A Hindi is to upgrade the students’ knowledge in Hindi language and to enable them to use this deep knowledge practically in daily life.
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