MA political science distance education in ludhiana

Why MA Political Science?

There has always been a great demand for an MA Political Science owing to the great job prospects after the completion of the degree. The MA graduates get to explore supervisory and executive roles or work with NGOs as social workers. There is a sense of job security as political scientists are always in huge demand. In fact, with the rise in the demand for public policy analysis in both public and private sectors, job prospects are expected to increase even further. 



The course enables the students to explore jobs as government affairs director, public relations specialist, intelligence analyst, political consultants, political scientist, policy analyst, and more. Political science is a great path to make a career and enjoy a sense of job security. The course is based on philosophies and theories and is suitable for people who wish to make a career in government and politics. 

Programme Code

(English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 5 Years

MA - Sociology
The course contents focuses on the concepts and theories of sociological, social research methods, social research methods, social stratification and social mobility, rural and urban societies in the contemporary India.
MA - English
M.A English highlights the preparation of educators in such a way which encourages autonomous learning and other independent learning strategies that can empower students to adapt the changing and contemporary demands.
MA Education
To excel in teaching, the teacher should possess practical knowledge of the language as well the ability to teach students in an understandable way.
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