Master of library information sciences

Why M. LIS?

Information is prevalent everywhere around us. The development of information depends on the future of information services, especially Information Communication Technologies. M. LIS program emphasizes on access to information in various forms instead of the conventional activities of a library. Having a degree or certification helps in professional growth. M. LIS equips candidates with critical and analytical thinking to practice as managers for libraries and information services. It helps in getting an insight into the research methods as well as activities of a research organization.  



The aim of the course is to equip the candidates with information about patterns of knowledge development. The course trains the students in advanced skills of information, processing, gathering, organization, and retrieval, along with information analysis and marketing. The course aims to train the candidates in the analysis, planning, and management of the systems of library and information centers. Students learn about the crucial role that information plays in all developmental activities. It equips the students with knowledge of applying modern management techniques required for library and information systems. The course offers insight into all the techniques related to information handling with an emphasis on IT application. It’s a three-year course that changes the life of a student in a positive way. 

Programme Code


(English Medium)*
*(Study Material may be made available in English medium.
However, a student has the option of writing the Exam in English/ Hindi/Punjabi language except for
DLIS413 (Advanced Classification Practice) and DLIS415 (Advanced Cataloguing Practice)
courses which are to be attempted only in English Language.)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 1 Years
Max. Duration 3 Years

M.A aims to contribute to the professional development of students who want to acquire an understanding of the teaching and learning in specific academic and professional contexts.
This programme is a perfect blend of online learning as well as traditional distance learning programme for gaining basic computer skills in application side
A student studying business administration will be exposed to all fields of business education that include general education, information systems, business and management education.
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