MA Economics Online Education

  • Duration2 Years Total of 4 semesters
  • Commitment8-10 hours/week Recommended hours for the programme
  • ModelLive + Recorded Recorded content along with live sessions
  • Fee Starting atRs. 13,000/ Per Sem. Limited seats available to avail Early Decision Benefit
  • Application Deadline with EDB 15th June
  • 12+ HoursLive Instruction per course per semester
  • 20+ HoursRecorded content per course per semester
  • 88 Total number of credits
  • 1+ hoursWeekly asynchronous mentoring
  • 4General and Discipline Specific Electives
  • 2Guest Lectures and Workshops

Semester 1

EECO525:Microeconomics Theory And Analysis-I
EECO526:Macroeconomics Theory And Analysis-I
ECAP145:Fundamentals Of Information Technology
EECO604:Indian Economic Development
EGEN530:Fundamental Of Research

Semester 2

EECO529:Microeconomics Theory And Analysis-II
EECO530:Macroeconomics Theory And Analysis-II
EQTT501:Mathematics For Economists
GE-I:Generic Elective I
EMGN832:Research Methodology

Semester 3

EECO606:International Economics
EECO538:Environmental Economics
EECO528:Monetary Theory And Policy
EECO532:Public Economics
GE-II:Generic Elective- II
EMGN842:Term Paper
1 Courses from the GE Basket 1 which is not chosen as Generic Elective (GE)

Semester 4

EECO512:Economics Of Development
GE-III:Generic Elective III
GE-IV:Generic Elective IV
Next 2 courses from GE Basket 2 & 3 of same area which is courses chosen in Term Paper

*Note: All LPU Online Programmes are offered in English medium only, except for a few Hindi Core/ Elective courses in BA Programme.

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