MA mathematics distance education in ludhiana

Why MA Mathematics?

The MA Mathematics is one of the courses which can help the candidates in exploring several career options after the completion of the course. They can work as economist, mathematician, statistician, loan officer, researcher, technical writer, treasury management specialist, and more.

The scope of MA Mathematics is excellent, and it is an in-demand course. There is a great scope for earning along with high job satisfaction. There is always scope for pursuing further

specialization courses. 



The aim of the course is to help the students understand the research aptitude towards basic and applied mathematics for their career in the academic field. The course prepares the students for exploring professional employment opportunities or doctoral studies in applied mathematics. It helps the students comprehend the key concepts of mathematics along with offering an in-depth understanding of applied and pure mathematics. 

Programme Code

(English Medium)

Programme Duration

Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 5 Years

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